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China Dimethoxymethane Equipment
Dimethoxymethane Production process introduction
Dimethoxymethane synthesis has been using sulfuric acid as a catalyst, serious corrosion of equipment. With the development of dimethoxymethane catalyst to use solid resin, Suyang Chemical developed reactive distillation combined process, dimethoxymethane yield, quality has been greatly improved.
Production process
1) Normal concentration of dimethoxymethane
Methanol and formaldehyde solution were proportionally pump into fixed-bed catalytic reactor, The temperature in the fixed bed catalytic reactor is controlled to react between 60 ° C and 85 ° C,A mixture of dimethoxymethane, methanol and water is produced.
The mixture is vaporized under the action of steam heated by the reboiler at the bottom of the rectification column, Volatile components are enriched at the top of the column through the screen packing and the heavies remain at the bottom of the column. Top of the tower produced methylal and methanol azeotrope. Then the overhead acetal and methanol azeotrope into the condenser, condensed into the reflux tank. Part of the liquid back to the top of the tower for circulation, A portion of the liquid is taken as finished product. Bottom wastewater COD content below 200ppm.
2) High concentrations of dimethoxymethane
First, the normal concentration of dimethoxymethane production process to produce low concentrations of methylal,92% methylal into differential pressure distillation column pressure distillation. Bottom extraction of high concentrations of methylal, The overhead is refluxed to the reaction column and the pressure rectification column.
Dimethoxymethane process characteristics
1) This process has a lower level of consumption in the same industry.
2) Catalyst activity for a long time and can be regenerated.
3).Waste water is small with low formaldehyde content. Far below the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, greatly reducing the discharge of sewage.
4) With high conversion, good selectivity, low energy consumption, high purity, easy operation, less investment and so on.
Company advantage
Wuxi Suyang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully developed a new catalytic reaction distillation synthesis of new dimethoxymethane device,Can design, manufacture, commissioning an annual output of 1 to 100,000 tons of new dimethoxymethane devices,And can provide industrial grade 88 ~ 92% dimethoxymethane and anhydrous grade 99.5% methylal two types of device services.
Project case of Dimethoxymethane
 China Dimethoxymethane Equipment

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