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s so thick that I
s so thick that I could not see the sun and lost my way. It��s tangible. It seems as if a leaf has lost its lonely boat, as if it were a walking dead. After the tempering of the years, I was in the wind and waves, put down the shackles, no longer clenched the sand in the palms, and the shadow of the wound was instantly separated from the body, which was very easy. I finally understood, pursued a half-life dream, and neglected my most loyal lover, that is myself. I forgot my original intention, forgot my own preferences, I forgot that I needed to comfort myself when I was injured, and I forgot to love someone. I slowly raised my head. It turned out that the sun is not given by others, it is self-perceived; the inner happiness It is not created by others, it is created by oneself; what is wanted is not to ask others to ask for it, but to fight for it; to defeat is not only the fault of others, but also to sum up the changes. I stopped the gate, turned, and started my own journey on the road without the route.
Music is still something that is loved inside. Will not be discarded. Although I haven't used it for a long time, I still have such a mental impulse when I want to write Marlboro Cigarettes. Tai Chi practice, loose, quiet, no movement, no silence, a quiet and quiet, with a sense of guidance, a thought affects the whole body. The things that make me obsessed have one thing in common, that is, to invest in a space of selflessness and enjoy the happiness they bring. Especially in love with Tai Chi, quiet training, all immersed. It turned out that I loved a space that is unique to myself. There, I am not alone, enjoying the grand happiness they bring. I need it so much, a world, there, only me alone, quietly and exclusively. It turns out that I can Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I am no longer a small grass. With the wind, I can make a tree, use the roots to absorb the nutrition of the earth, not afraid of the storm, soothe the loss, those who have been seeking outside, but one is Kind of illusion, weakness, weakness, when trying to abandon the spider silk, I can, do not have to do things for others' eyes, you can not do the things you do not like while the inner painful rejection, you can not cater to other people to maintain relationships, I am doing what I like, and with the people who bring me happiness, the burden of life is shouldering alone, but the spiritual pleasure has come to my life. The flowers in my life are the first to open. It turns out that love is not the whole life. Although it is what I need in my life, when love is not there, I know that one person will accompany me forever, and that is another. I am my own master. Don't be a slave to love. Having a relationship, accepting, walking, welcoming, missing, refusing. This is very good. Tai Chi's body method is to need peace and stability, yin and yang balance, love is also like this, pay more, the body will explore, will lose weight, by the other side gently take advantage of the situation, they lost their position. If you pay less, you will always have to use more power. The other party must work hard to get yourself. After a long time, you will lose motivation. Therefore, love is two people. It takes a considerable amount of strength to stay together and will not last Parliament Cigarettes. Listen carefully to yourself, listen to each other, and adjust your strengths to maintain balance Cheap Cigarettes. The peace of mind, the joy of quiet flow Carton Of Cigarettes, life is so beautiful. A touch of clouds, gentle wind, and, the upcoming winter, snow, Shanshan dance.
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