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At that time
At that time, the grass was just budding; the willow tree just grew tender branches; when the hibernating animal just woke up, we embarked on a journey of "mountain world" Marlboro Gold, and I saw the tree on the side of the road blocking us from the sun I found that the tree also has to experience the wind and sun, and grows in the attempt! We arrived at the climbing site on Sunday afternoon Newport Cigarettes, and I saw this huge thing-the climbing platform stood in front of my eyes, and I trembled, "Ha, so cool!" "Teacher, can I go?" Many classmates whispered in my ears, I covered my ears, and I was agitated thinking: "What to do? Rock climbing! What to do I felt the blood in my body was circulating rapidly, and suddenly I saw many girls enthusiastically. I climbed up, I was very unconfident in myself, and reached me in my wild thoughts. My legs seemed to stick to the ground, and I could n��t lift them up. I tried to put my hands on the cold stone, my body was shaking, my hands were tight. Grabbing the stone, for fear of falling by accident and falling to pieces. The wind blows gently mokingusacigarettes.com, as if to say, "Come on! Han Bingqian, you can, as long as you insist that you are the winner! "I climbed up and tried to reach the end. I was exhausted and wanted to jump down, but I thought that if I tried so hard, I wasted. I looked down. The people below were so small, like under a microscope. The cells are dense, and I climb like a giant trying to climb high ... Suddenly a rock slipped, my body shook, and the classmates shouted loudly, "Come on, keep climbing up, and climb up You win! Don't you want to challenge yourself? "Hearing the encouragement of my classmates, I cheered up. Climbing up step by step, three steps, two steps, one step, here! Here! I climbed to the stage and cheered, and the classmates below cheered for me, I never looked like I'm so happy now, I don't seem to be so tired anymore, I just have the excitement to climb this way, beyond my limits, and I'm no longer afraid. This made me understand the importance of trying, to learn to try new things, only to keep Will try to grow.
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